Rewarding Teachers, Educating Students

One of the Foundation's primary reasons for being is to provide grants to assist exceptional educators in their teaching.

The possibilities of the types of educational experiences through grants from The Blackwell Public School Foundation are only limited by the imagination of the teachers who develop them and apply.

Past grants have funded projects, materials and experiences including:

  • Advanced Equipment in the Sciences
  • Computer Programs in Specialized Areas
  • Seminars for Students
  • Specialized Textbooks
  • Audio-Visual Aids
  • Guest Speakers

How the Grant Process Works

Each school year, Spring and Fall Grant Rounds are held. Teachers apply for grants through the Principals of their respective school. Once the grant applications are completed, they are reviewed and awarded by the Allocations Committee of The Blackwell Public School Foundation. The number of grants are funded based on their merits and the funds available for that Grant Round.